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Our Cause

At Envii Beauty we are not your regular cosmetic brand. We are a movement and a lifestyle that promotes conscious living. We are founded with the mission to support our environment and community with makeup products you love.

Our mission starts by removing one million units of plastic waste from our oceans.

We believe your skin deserves 100% natural and organic products. As your largest organ, your skin needs makeup that carries nutrients instead of toxic synthetics. But we want to take this a step further, by helping to remove toxins from the oceans.

How it works:

For every Lipstick pack sold, Envii removes 200 plastic bottles from our world’s ocean.

  1. Purchase Your Favourite Lip Kit
  2. People collect 200 plastic bottles
  3. We turn those plastic bottles into currency
  4. Currency goes back into areas with high level poverty creating new jobs and environmental education

(200 plastic bottles= 1 million bottles = 5000 lip kits)

Our goal is to remove 1 plastic bottles from our oceans. You can help us reach our goal by shopping our new lip kit collection.

<CTA: Buy a lipkit and remove 200 plastics from our oceans>

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Envii Beauty is working to clean our oceans.

Ocean plastic is a complicated global problem, with many moving parts. Putting a dent in ocean plastic isn’t something that can be done alone. We need help.

That is why we at Envii Beauty are excited to have an exclusive partnership with with organizations or companies who are on the ground working . Plastic Bank is a fantastic company who are passionately championing the fight against ocean plastics. Not only are they removing plastic from our ocean, but they are also reducing poverty by turning plastic into currency.

The amount of plastic we throw out every year is worth over $80 billion. By enabling the exchange of plastic for money, Plastic Bank can reveal the value in plastic. Plastic Bank incentivize plastic collection by giving plastic a currency. Now individuals can gather plastic and trade it for money, items, or services.

The result is empowering recycling ecosystems that stop the flow of plastic into our oceans while providing the ability for local entrepreneurs to set up and operate stores for the poor, in which plastic waste is the currency.

We believe in creating change through small, conscious, and consistent efforts that will lead to significant results. Are you with us?

<CTA: Buy a lipkit and remove 200 plastics from our oceans>